Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top HBCU College Radio Stations. National Roll-Call

BURN:  Direct EXF:  Black University Radio Network  
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 Host LaMar Blackmon

Top HBCU College Radio Stations. 
National Roll Call

WVSU FM, Virginia State, WHOV FM, Hampton U, WFSK FM, Fisk U, WNAA FM, N. Carolina A&T, WHBC FM, Howard U, WSTU FM, Clark Atlanta U, WBCC FM, Bethune Cookman College, KTSU Texas Southern,  WDSU FM Delaware State, WCSU FM Chicago State, and Florida A&M among others.  

Special shout out and "thank you" to all of our fantastic Program Directors and on-air 
Radio Personalities across the country. Great representation and very professional.

You are our, Future-Pro-s, "upwardly mobile future professionals".

BURN Top HBCU College Radio roll- call will continue next time.   

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  1. Hi, How can I can a list of all the HBCU stations e mail, numbers, etc . I m a music exec who has dope music to share. Thx