Thursday, February 9, 2012

Famed Pop Group Mrs. Robinson Headline Woodland Hills Tarzana Instalation Gala Awards Show

Press Release                                                                                                  Immediate Release

Woodland Hills CA.

One of the most influential Chambers in Los Angeles County,  serving the West San Fernando Valley's 1. 7 million plus population celebrate and salute Chamber Members with Awards.

Famed pop group Mrs. Robinson headline Chamber Awards Show.

The Woodland Hills - Tarzana Chamber of Commerce is celebrating their, 2012 Members Celebration, Installation and Awards Dinner, this evening with "Thursday Night Treasure" at the Warner Center Merriott,  21850 Oxnard Street,  Woodland Hills Ca.


          Today:  Cocktail Reception with Treasure Auction starts at 5:30pm.
                                                                             Dinner at 6:30pm.  

Special Awards: Incoming Chair: Diane Deats, Deats Design Studio,  Deputy Chair, David Asplund,  Joseph Staller Memorial Award,  John Alderson,  Member of the Year,  Lee Levy and the Woodland Hills - Tarzana Business of the Year,  Wells Fargo Bank.

Woodland Hills - Tarzana, one of the most progressive and upwardly mobile communties in Los Angeles, are supported by a strong community business base including event sponsors; Westfield, Farmers Insurance, Fleming Prime Steakhouse,  Hilton Woodland Hills,  Warner Center Merriott, Wells Fargo Bank, Dakota Communications, California Concierge LLC., Councilman Dennis P. Zine, EHB Consulting, Kaiser Permanente, Woodland Hills, Keller Williams Reality and Weissman Law Firm.

Emcee:  Jamie Alcraft
Promotions / Marketing Committee
D. Blackmon

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

National African American History Month 2012 Proclamation By President of the United States of America

 National African American History Month 2012 Proclamation  
  Fly - Girl 
 Bessie Coleman, First African American and Woman Aviator  

 This Year's Theme: 
"Black Women In America Culture and History"

Bessie Coleman was the first African American and woman to overcome aviation and extreme discrimination born January 26,  1892 in Atlanta Texas.  Her father George was half American Indian ( Cherokee ) and African American.  Brave Bessie was the first of thirteen children,  she was eleven years old when the Wright brothers made history with their 1903 "flying machine". 
Sadly, in 1926
While flight testing an open cock plan, her co-pilot lost control tossing Queen Bess to her death. Thousands mourned her death, she was taken by train from Florida to Chicago where a mass memorial took place.
The story of African American's is a story of resilience and perseverance.  It traces a people who refused to accept the circumstances under which they arrived on these shore, and it chronicles the generations who fought for an America that truly reflects the ideals enshrined in our founding documents.  During National African American History Month,  we celebrate the rich legacy of African American's and honor the remarkable contribution they have made to perfecting our union.  Now,  THEREFORE, I Barack Obama,  President of the United States of America,  by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the Law's of the United States,  Do Hereby Proclaim,` February 2012 as National African American History Month.  I call upon the public officials,  educators,  librarians,  and all the people of the united states to observe this month with appropriate programs,  ceremonies and activities. 
 -- President Obama 

Visit:  The BURN:  Black University Radio Network Website for our African American History Month Salute