Friday, January 14, 2011

BURN Black University Radio Network Salute Daniel Hernandez & BURN Hero Interns

BURN Salute to All College Interns.

Following the Arizona tragedy we all need to pause, reflect and thank all of our Nations Intern Heros like Daniel Hernandez, the brave 20 year old student from the University of Arizona, who attended to and with out question saved the life of Congresswoman Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords, from the scope and direct aim of a mad-man.

 Black University Radio Network would like to take the time to thank all of our BURN National Network Interns & Street Teams for your passion and support of your causes and ours, to thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm . You are indeed our future leaders and we call upon all to recognized and join us in a national THANK YOU to all STUDENT INTERNS including ours.  

BURN Inters & Street Team: Courtney Scott, Darius Swift,  (Shaw University NC), Rishanda Winchester, Courtney Halsey (Bowie State )  Molony Negron, Nichelle Broner (Virginia State) Terrell Houghton, Mona Johnson,  ( Elizabeth City State) Deshawn Turner (Winston Salem State) Mia Burks
( Saint Augustine College) Ja Lisa McCullough, Erica Gilley (Fayetteville State U) Steven Graddick, Danielle Waden, ( Livingston U) Tahj Giles ( Johnson C. Smith U ) Dexter Stuckey, Jasmine Benn (Lincoln U) Terel Reese Robinson, Todd Lattmore Handy ( Virginia Union U ) Gail Morris, Adam Henderson ( Saint Paul's University) Darnell Harrigan, Antenette Stokes ( Chowan University).  

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   Hero Intern:
      Daniel Hernandez University of Arizona Student & Congresswoman Gabby Giffords 

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